About Us

About Healthcare Delivery Reviews

Healthcare Delivery Reviews was born in 2018 as a result of a conversation between Gemma Savory and Simon Jones. After being asked many times who the best home delivery service provider is for bladder and bowel appliances, the pair decided to do something about it.

And here we are.

What Does Healthcare Delivery Reviews Do?

We exist to serve the bladder and bowel appliance community and have two main purposes:

  1. To help bladder & bowel appliance users make the right choice when determining who delivers their equipment
  2. To make home delivery service providers improve their service based on real customer feedback.

The reviews you’ll find on this website for each provider are left by genuine customers of those home delivery providers. Ensuring genuine reviews, left by real customers, is really important to us which is why we have an internal, human, approval process set up before a review goes live.

What Am I Reviewing?

When leaving a review we ask you to rate your provider in the following areas:

By giving a rating out of 5 for each of these areas we are able to perform a quick calculation to deliver an overall rating for the provider.

We then ask for your comments about the service you have received. This is your chance to really let everyone know what you think about the provider; why have you given it the scores you have? What could they do better? What do they do that’s great currently?

Finally, we ask you how likely you would be to recommend this provider to a friend. This allows us to create a net promoter score that says what percentage of existing customers would recommend this company.

Widget Example

Example of the widget above.

An Independent Platform

We are a truly independent platform set up by two people who have been involved in the community for many years and want to help.

We are not funded by any specific provider however we do offer products, such as a reviews widget to display all the reviews, to the providers. It is important to note that none of your personal details are given to the providers, we merely package the publicly displayed information on this website and allow them to show it on their website. 

The revenue that we generate from selling these products is all put back into this platform to help maintain what we are doing and fund further improvements to the system.

3 Simple Ways You Can Get Involved


Leave A Review

If you use one of these home delivery service providers then make sure you’ve left a review for them.

Tell Your Friends

Tell your friends and anyone that you know who uses a provider to leave a review. The more people who review their provider the more accurate the information will be.

Tell Your Story

If you’re a blogger, or want to tell your story we’re always looking for content to publish on the site. We’d love to hear from you so make sure you get in touch.