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You may have seen our Verified Providers logos attached to certain companies while browsing our site. But what does it actually mean and how does someone become a Verified Provider?

A Healthcare Delivery Reviews Verified Provider

The ‘verified provider’ badge is given to home delivery services who are committed to providing their customers with a compassionate, caring and informative service and actively looks to communicate with their customers in order to improve the customer relationship.

A ‘verified provider’ means that we have personally spoken with the home delivery service team and we are working closely with them to help them improve their services. By giving our ‘verified providers’ the right to reply to reviews, this means that we know that real members of their team are reading and replying to your comments rather than standard bot replies.



One of the main reasons for creating Healthcare Delivery Reviews is we want home delivery services to be more accountable for their customers satisfaction. A ‘verified provider’ is standing up and saying that they are willing to work hard to ensure that all their customers have the best possible experience with them.



At Healthcare Delivery Reviews we think it’s important that all our website visitors understand how our review platform operates. We want to reassure you that providers don’t have access to your personal information from our website, they can only see what is visible on your public post. Being a ‘verified provider’ is a paid for service. Any funds received from a ‘verified provider’ is reinvested back into the website platform in order to maintain and improve the website.

You can find out more about Healthcare Delivery Reviews in the ‘About us’ section. Access our privacy policy or read more about our terms and conditions

3 Simple Ways You Can Get Involved


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If you use one of these home delivery service providers then make sure you’ve left a review for them.

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Tell your friends and anyone that you know who uses a provider to leave a review. The more people who review their provider the more accurate the information will be.

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