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  • Susan
    June 2021
    I have been trying to contact AmCare through 2 of their numbers for 3 days holding on for over 20 minutes each time I call. I am now exceptionally low on supplies which were ordered through my Stoma Nurse. This is completely out of the ordinary and I am wondering...
  • Ilona
    June 2021
    I have been with Amcare for 7 years. Yes, they have friendly staff, however I have had hiccups in the past but stuck by them, however recently it's been appalling. Firstly for ages, I never know what day or time I'm getting a delivery. My delivery came the other day...
  • Rita
    June 2021
    For the past 2 weeks No response to telephone calls, messages or emails Something must have gone very wrong with this business, as I have been using this service since 2016 a never experienced anything like this, it has always been a friendly, efficient service. As of today I'm desperate...
  • Candace
    June 2021
    I have used Amcare for 8 years now and for the first time lm begin to feel a bit let down. Each month there is a problem with my order and every month its me chasing between Amcare to see if my monthly prescription is there and then chasing the...
  • Deke
    June 2021
    I have used amcare now for 5 years, they have always been helpful, friendly and professional; up till now!! I have now been trying to speak to someone there for a week, my calls are not picked up, I've been on hold again this morning for another 25 minutes, my...
  • Linda
    June 2021
    Had this review been submitted last month it would have been 5 stars all round but now I am unable to contact customer services to find out what's happend to my order placed nearly 3wks ago.Will now have to contact my health board to find out about emergency supplies, so...

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My story begins nearly five years ago when I was diagnosed with bowel cancer that resulted in me having colostomy surgery. Like many of you, I didn’t really understand what a colostomy was, never mind what it involved until I was told that I would need this surgery! 

It was a very bewildering and confusing time and it took me a while to get to grips with living life with a stoma and all that comes with it. 

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