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  • Martyn
    April 2021
    Staff are always great and resolve any delays and other issues straight away.
  • Sandra
    April 2021
    100% reliable friendly service, with advice freely given if asked for, what more can anyone want ?
  • Margaret
    April 2021
    Staff always friendly. Order always here on time or before. If there is a problem, it's always resolved quickly
  • Catherin
    April 2021
    Friendly knowledgeable staff who take time to listen and send out product samples to let you try if undecided. Prompt delivery.
  • Peter
    April 2021
    very professional service, they call me once a month to remind me to place my prescription order. very helpful indeed. could not ask for a better services. I once ran out of bags as my prescription wasn't received by my GP surgery. Bullen sent a driver out from Leeds to...
  • Gail
    April 2021
    Staff are friendly and helpful. Orders always come quickly. Can not fault anything.

Meet Gemma, The Driving Force Behind Healthcare Delivery Reviews

My story begins nearly five years ago when I was diagnosed with bowel cancer that resulted in me having colostomy surgery. Like many of you, I didn’t really understand what a colostomy was, never mind what it involved until I was told that I would need this surgery! 

It was a very bewildering and confusing time and it took me a while to get to grips with living life with a stoma and all that comes with it. 

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