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  • David
    November 2023
    Everything about this company is applauding
  • Deborah
    November 2023
    Overall good
  • Christopher
    November 2023
    The process of ordering to delivery is very good. The ordered items arrive within a few days and are as I requested. The only problem I have are the long waits on the phone when trying to make an order. On one occasion I had to wait 15 minutes listening...
  • Valerie
    November 2023
    Disappointed this time. I tried to phone several times and each time I had to wait more than 20 miutes. So I tried again later, and the same thing happened. I eventually got through and someone took my order. I needed to change my bags as my stoma shape had...
  • Sylvia
    November 2023
    This company has always been reliable and has a wide range of products from various companies. It also has a free cutting service for Stoma pouches. I have never used another company - hence only 9 score as I am unable to make a comparison. I am sure other companies...
  • Jean
    November 2023
    Extremely friendly and reliable delivery.

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