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Review Guidelines For The Use Of Healthcare Delivery Reviews

Healthcare Delivery Reviews is designed to help those who use bladder and bowel appliances share their experiences of the home delivery service company they use with the wider community. We recommend that anyone leaving a review checks out the below guidelines along with our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy before submitting a review.

Writing A Review:

If you’ve used a particular delivery company to deliver your bladder or bowel appliances then please feel free to share your experiences with how you found them. Ideally you will have used their service within the last 24 months, so if you switched provider within that time then you are welcome to leave a review of your new provider as well.

We ask that you keep all reviews honest and relevant.

This platform is designed to help support the community to gain an understanding of who the best home delivery service providers are which means keeping your comments on point and genuine.

We appreciate that there are 2 sides to every story which is why we give the home delivery service companies the right to reply to your review. It is that provider, and only that provider, who is able to add a comment to your review and start a conversation; when a provider engages in dialogue with you we request that all further conversations published on this platform remain within these guidelines. In order for you to reply to any comments left by a provider you must have signed up for an account on Healthcare Delivery Reviews.

If you need any assistance then please contact us.

Proof of Use:

We recommend that you keep proof of use of you as a customer for the provider that you are leaving a review of. Examples include any documentation you received upon signing up to the service or delivery notes etc. If your review is reported and challenged then we may request to see a copy of your proof that you were in fact a customer of that provider.

We do this to ensure the integrity of the reviews that are left on this website. Where proof cannot be provided by the reviewer or the provider we reserve the right to remove the review pending further investigation.

Defamatory Comments:

We want people to leave honest reviews but we need to ensure that they are not defamatory or libelous in any way. Any comments that are found to go against this will be hidden from view and you will be contacted to either edit the content of your review or the review will be removed from the website.

Reporting A Review:

Any review that is reported will go through a manual checking process to see if it adheres to these guidelines. If the review is found to not adhere to these guidelines or goes against the spirit in which this platform is set up we reserve the right to remove the review from publication.

Anyone who visits the website can report a review. When reviews are reported we may contact individuals involved to ensure that the review is genuine and honest. We will not become involved in any disputes of events that transpired, we may just require proof of customer (as stated above).

You can find out more information about what is and isn’t accepted within reviews by reading section 2 of our Terms & Conditions.

Personal Information:

When a review is published on our website the following information will be visible:

  • First name
  • Company being reviewed
  • Month and Year of review
  • Any comments left in the review section

This information is all publicly visible on our website so we suggest you do not use any information within the comments section that makes you personally identifiable. You can find out more information about how we use your personal information within our Privacy Policy.

Fake Reviews

Any reviews which are deemed to be fake or dishonest will be removed from the website. Under no circumstances is anyone permitted to leave a review of someone else’s experiences. This platform is designed to be genuine, honest and trustworthy and we do not wish for any review to compromise that.

If a review is reported as fake or dishonest we will contact the reviewer and ask them to show proof of use of the company. If no proof of use can be provided then we will remove the review from publication.

Change To Guidelines

These guidelines are intended to assist a reviewer write their review. They may be updated and changed at any point, it is up to the reviewer to ensure that they read and understand these guidelines before leaving a review. We reserve the right to have final say on any of these guidelines and the interpretation of them. If you would like further assistance with these guidelines then please contact us.

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