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“All the staff are wonderful to me, I can’t say enough about you!’’

We recently had a wonderful conversation with one of our lovely customers Eiry Halpin from Llanelli , and had an opportunity to ask her openly and honestly a few questions about our award-winning service. This is what she had to say;

1. How long have you had your stoma? 7 years this xmas. It was Christmas day 2012, I had cervical cancer and had septicaemia, which lead to me having my Colostomy (spread into bowels). I had had a hip replacement and had recently cracked my shoulder also. I was in hospital for 4 months.

2. What type of stoma do you have? Colostomy – I call him Charlie!

3. How long have you been on the Respond service? About 4-5years, I can’t remember who I had before you, but it wasn’t as easy.

4. How did you hear about our service? My friend recommended.

5. Have you ever had any issues with the service? Nothing at all. I think when I came out of hospital the SCN recommended something else, but just to have the supplies delivered to the house is amazing. I recommended my friend to use your company, you gave him a call and he is pleased with the delivery as well.

6. Do you ever have any problems getting through on the phone? Not at all. Nothing at all to complain about. Normally I speak to Ceri or James in Welsh.

7. How do you receive your goods? I get the Welshcakes ready for when they come! I’m just so grateful since I had my hip replacement I have to use a stick, so to have them deliver is amazing. They know to leave it in a safe space for me as well.

8. What sort of support do you get from the service? Wonderful. When I can’t get the support having the reassurance that they are going to be delivered, you never know when you will have any issues, my order varies, and Ceri and the team have been very understanding about that.

9. What do you think of your Respond team? If you could sum them up in 3 words what would it be? Reassuring and wonderful because of your effectiveness and how you are to me. I am never out of pouches, I wouldn’t know where else to go! I’m lucky I’ve got you.

10. What worried you about changing? Nothing, I hope it doesn’t stop that’s all.

11. Why did you decide to change? A friend’s recommendation, just having my items delivered to suit me. Having my items come from Cardiff as well is great. I’ve had no trouble at all. It’s a big thing to live with. I can’t understand my friend who has to fill in her prescription and collect from the chemist – I have told her to give you a call!

12. How easy did Respond make it for you to change? Yes, everything was taken care of for me and then it was just delivered.

13. What is it you particularly like? Can you name 5 things? I go to a lot of concerts, and I like the packs of comp items you provide, that I can take on the go in my bag. I like everything about the service! I also like your sprays.

14. What advice would you give to somebody reading this about changing where you get your supplies from? Go for it, but as we’re getting older, we don’t like to change, but I would still advise to try your service.

15. How likely would you be to recommend Respond? I would recommend anyone, anytime to use your service.

16. What would you say to someone thinking about changing who were worried that it was going to be difficult? I just tell them to ring you up!

17. If somebody was worried about getting their supplies from somewhere else, would you suggest that they try Respond for just one order and gave the service a go? Yes, I have told people and said to use you.

18. Where would you say we could improve? Nothing at all. I went to Tenby and ran out of supplies in Tenby and within a day I had my supplies delivered! I couldn’t get over the quick delivery. I can highly recommend you.

“Without Respond I wouldn’t have coped with my Colostomy so well. I can’t praise you enough.’’

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