Living with Hidden Disabilities

Hidden Disabilities lanyard



Are we becoming a more open and inclusive society? We’d like to think so. There’s quite a bit of evidence to show that we are more mindful of those who are different, whether they have a physical disability, neuro-diversity, or a hidden disability. 

Those who experience the world differently can open up exciting possibilities and change our perceptions and horizons. A more inclusive society enriches us all – overcoming issues so that all members of society can live their lives to the full. 

As ostomates, we know all too well that not all disabilities are obvious. Living with a stoma can have its challenges, and sometimes, it might be helpful to have a visual reminder to identify that some discreet support might be welcomed. This is where the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard comes in. 

This fantastic scheme allows you to decide if you need extra consideration in some circumstances by wearing your sunflower lanyard. This might be:

  • On public transport
  • Going through security checks in airports
  • Travelling by air or rail
  • More time when shopping
  • Access to private changing facilities in shops

Small things can add up over time and make a big difference in our lives, and anything that helps make life easier is a win for us!

If you want to find out more about Hidden Disabilities, visit for more information. You can search for Sunflower-friendly places in your area – these are businesses that have signed up for the scheme and promise to provide trained and sympathetic staff, if you need any additional assistance. They have blogs on lots of hidden disabilities and loads of really interesting information.



If you use a bladder or bowel appliance and would like to join our panel of experts and have your voice heard please click here to apply. 


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