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pancake day

It’s Pancake Day! (Hopefully only the good kind)

Today is pancake day, where for the general population this will only mean you devouring your body weight in yummy pancakes filled with your favourite sweet treats but if you’re an ostomate then the word pancake may fill you with

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Respond Healthcare

Respond – Q&A with Eiry Halpin

“All the staff are wonderful to me, I can’t say enough about you!’’ We recently had a wonderful conversation with one of our lovely customers Eiry Halpin from Llanelli , and had an opportunity to ask her openly and honestly

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Fowler's Syndrome


What is Fowler’s Syndrome? This February, we want to help raise awareness of a little known debilitating chronic condition called Fowler’s Syndrome. Fowler’s Syndrome tends to affect women in their 20s and 30s and results in the failure to empty

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National Sickie Day

National Sickie Day – 1st Feb

Are we pulling less ‘sickies’ during the national lockdown? ‘National Sickie Day’ was created around 7 years ago and is normally the first Monday in February. It is traditionally the day where the highest number of people call into the

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Veganuary – Can you be a vegan with a stoma?

After the indulges of Christmas, many of us look to a healthier lifestyle to kickstart the new year. Veganuary, which was started in 2014 by Jane Land and her husband Matthew Glover and aims to educate and promote veganism by

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Blue Monday

It doesn’t have to be ‘Blue Monday’

Today (18/1) is said to be ‘Blue Monday, which is officially the most depressing day of the year. The third Monday in January was allegedly given this illustrious title after back in 1995, Cliff Arnall came up with the mathematical

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Crohns and Colitis

Crohn’s and Colitis Week Roundup

We’re coming to the end of Crohn’s and Colitis Week (1-7 December) so we thought we would share some stories of those who live with these chronic illnesses.  Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis are two forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease,

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World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day

HOW TO KEEP SAFE IN PUBLIC BATHROOMS DURING LOCKDOWN Today (19/11) is World Toilet Day, which aims to raise awareness of the plight that 4.2 billion in the world are living without safe access to sanitation. Having clean and safe

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My Stoma Has Made My Life Better

Keith Thomas, 59 from Llanelli had surgery to remove his bowel and create an ileostomy after years of suffering with ulcerative colitis. Keith is passionate about raising awareness of how you can have a happy and fulfilling life with a

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Stoma bag

What Type of Stoma Products Are Available?

Having stoma surgery can be an overwhelming and confusing time. Many people leave the hospital feeling a little underprepared and with just a few stoma bags so this post is to help you find out what stoma products are available

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